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​The Process bathroom remodelRemodel Construction Process in El Dorado Hills


After a short discussion on the phone we arrange to meet at your home and take a look at your project..  We ask lots of questions and it is helpful if all homeowners are present so we can get all points of view.   We discuss your budget so we know how much you wish to invest in your home and what ideas to suggest.   We take measurements, photos and notes so we can prepare an estimate for you.  Working out an estimate based on everything we have discussed can take time so please bare with us.  We pull together preliminary design ideas, tile samples, pictures, look at solutions to any dilemmas and meet with you a second time to go over everything.remodel construction process in kitchen remodel in El Dorado Hills, bathroom remodel in El Dorado Hills, Brush Strokes inc. construction process kitchen remodel cost bathroom remodel cost

Now you have decided that we are the best people for your remodel – what next?

Firstly we prepare a contract for your project.  This protects both of us and is the same whether it is for a kitchen or bathroom remodel or a makeover for the home and is required by the California Licensed Contractors Board.  It spells out what we are going to do for you and everything that is included, when the work is due to start and when it should be completed and the agreed upon payment schedule.  It is the most boring part of the job but very necessary to make sure we are all ‘on the same page’

Once the paperwork is out of the way we finalize the design and make selections and start ordering all the product needed for the project.  We like to have everything on hand before we start work to make sure their are no hold-ups because materials are on backorder.  Back orders can be really bad now as companies are holding as little stock as possible, and this includes the manufacturers, so long delays are fairly common.  We try to make sure that does not happen to you – we do not want any delays once we start work.

We complete and submit the drawings and schedules to obtain any permits that are needed from the local authorities and we line up the subcontractors that we use so they are available on the days we need them.    For all of our years of experience, after all the hundreds (if not thousands) of jobs we have successfully completed with hundreds of happy clients,  the start of a new project is still an exciting time for us and we hope it is for you too!  There is nothing more thrilling than seeing your designs and plans come to fruition.